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QR Advanced AI Forecasting & Trading Solutions per Industries

  • LSE, utilities, co-ops and munies.
  • Retail energy providers.
  • Solar and wind generators.
  • Thermal generation assets.
  • BESS and hydro assets.
  • ETRM trading, risk, back-office, billing.
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You can subscribe to the following solutions as a cloud service, or as a software as a service to be implemented on your dedicated cloud or on-site.

Solutions per Industries

BESS & Hydro Assets

BESS & Hydro Assets

Cloud solutions tailored for traders, portfolio & asset managers of battery (BESS), pump storage and hydro generation assets: data management, AI price forecasting, trading generation and bidding optimization to maximize profit. Read more

Renewable Energy

Renewable Generation

Cost-effective and ready-for-use cloud solutions for solar and wind generation. Automated workflow: data management, accurate and robust AI generation forecasting, scheduling / bidding to ISOs and market operators. Read more

Retail Energy Marketing

Retail Energy Providers

Retail energy providers can move their entire trading workflow to flexible cloud solutions: data management, AI load forecasting, sourcing portfolio trading optimization to minimize energy procurement cost, scheduling, settlement & billing. Read more

Utilities Munis

LSE, Utilities, Munis

Integrated solutions for load serving entities, utilities & munis, integrated with generation, or regulated as distributors, operating in or outside market operators & ISOs: data, trading, settlement & billing, AI load & price forecasting, sourcing portfolio trading optimization. Read more


Energy Trading

Harness the expertise of our trading optimization platform & expert PhD team, bundled together as a cloud trading service. Maximize profit via optimal bidding in short-term electricity markets & exchanges, in intraday and DA trading. Read more

Electric Cooperatives

Energy Cooperatives

Cost-effective cloud solutions for electricity & gas co-ops to digitize and automate their trading: data management, trading, settlement & billing, AI load and price forecasting, sourcing portfolio trading optimization to minimize energy procurement cost. Read more

Power Generation

Thermal Power Generation

Full range of solutions for thermal power generators operating in power markets, ISOs or bilateral markets: data and asset management, AI load & price forecasting, automated scheduling, trading and bidding optimization to maximize profit. Read more

Energy Trading ETRM


Cost-effective cloud ETRM solutions for all energy, especially power. Data, transaction and risk management, settlement & billing, scheduling. Seamless integration with our AI forecasting and trading optimization solutions. Read more