Short-Term Electricity Trading Service

  • Automated trading bots that optimize bidding in short-term electricity markets & exchanges
  • Optimal 5-60 mins bids and buy-sell signals, revised every 10 mins 24/7, delivered as a service
  • Focus on your portfolio, and outsource complex trading optimization & AI price forecasting algorithms
  • Trade automation, scheduling, and intraday & post-trade performance analysis Seamless integration of QR AI Forecaster for load and price forecasts

Harness the expertise of our trading optimization team and software, bundled together as a service, to maximize profit via optimal bidding in short-term electricity markets & exchanges

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Clients’ profile. Traders, and portfolio & asset managers of merchant generators, power storage & renewable plants, operating in real-time short-term ISO and RTO markets, or in European Power Exchange, who wish to outsource complex trading optimization and price forecasting algorithms, as well as trade automation (data management and bid submission), in real-time intraday and day-ahead (5-60 mins interval) energy and reserve markets.

Target. Maximize trading profit by implementing customized trading strategies that dynamically adjust the bidding of a portfolio of plants, every trading period, to extract the maximum value from instantaneous and anticipated changes in the spot price and the offer stack in the market, while fulfilling all operational constraints and existing contractual obligations, if any.

A fully-featured, ready-for-use cloud trading solution together with a team of experts to create and maintain cutting-edge trading models as markets evolve.

Why QR Trading Optimizer Service

Our expert (MSc and PhD) team will use QR AI Forecaster and QR Trading Optimization platforms to create and manage real-time short-term optimal trading models that deliver, for a portfolio of assets, trading signals in the form of optimal bids that maximize your portfolio gross margin or P&L, across every forward (5-60 minutes) trading periods, in intraday and day-ahead energy and reserve markets. This holds true for a portfolio of generation assets in an ISO or RTO, or a trading portfolio in a power exchange.

A hybrid, three layer AI model using regression, clustering and classification algorithms, predicts with high accuracy whether to participate in day-ahead reserve or spot markets. All you need to provide is the fuel and operating cost of your plant.

Short-term trading signals are computed at the granularity of the market, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. New trading signals are produced every 10 to 15 minutes, 24/7. The trading signals or optimal bids are sent to you via API, electronically, or can be directly submitted to your marketplace, on your behalf.

How it works. The system automatically fetches all necessary data live and around the clock from ISOs, power exchanges, weather services, etc. Then QR AI Forecaster computes accurate AI forecasts for price, demand and the stack of bids & offers in every ISOs or power exchanges where trading takes place. Next, QR Optimizer uses these forecasts as input, along with generation costs, constraints, and outages to compute the optimal bids for each trading period whose expected cleared RTD maximize the P&L. The cycle is automated and runs 24/7, and optimal bids are published and exported via API and can be submitted directly to the ISO or power exchange.

QR Trading Optimizer Benefits & Features

You pay one single annual subscription fee comprising license, maintenance and upgrade releases.

QR Trading Optimizer increases trading P&L, significantly. In no case it will cost you anything. It is a source of revenue and can make a multiple of its cost, as extra profit it generates.

This solution requires no software or hardware installation on your part. This is a service that is fully managed by our team. You receive new trading signals or bids (for intraday and day-ahead markets) every 15 minutes, 24/7. Your trading instance will be managed as a dedicated cloud server. Our optimization, AI, data science and teams monitor, manage and enhance the models.

QR Trading Optimization platform combines advanced AI and optimization algorithms to produce maximal trading signals. In addition, the solution provides end-to-end data management from ISOs, RTOs, power exchanges, weather and other data sources, and your plants. Data are fetched, validated and managed in a modern data hub and moved around with QR API service.

Our expert (MSc and PhD) data science team configures, fine-tunes and deploys your AI forecast models in record time and helps you maintain and calibrate them in time.

Our team will configure a custom model for your asset and portfolio. The models include plants’ physical characteristics, technical parameters, constraints, data, fuel and OPX costs, ramp, outages, heat-rate and power conversion. Detailed cash flow modeling capability for the cost, revenue, and gross margin of each asset, which is the optimization objective function. These also include multiple currencies, miscellaneous charges and the plant’s commitments in terms of bilateral contracted capacity, reserves, and joint bidding provisions with a partner owner. The cash flow modeling is configurable to handle thermal, renewable, storage and hydro power plants.

QR Bidding & Scheduler is seamlessly integrated with the optimizer to allow optimal bid modification, validation and electronic submission to the ISO or power exchange, in intraday and day-ahead trading for energy and reserves.

QR AI Forecaster is seamlessly integrated to provide forecasts of system demand, spot price, and the offer stack for each forward trading period, while applying adjustments for outages, available capacity, holidays, quantities sold in the ancillary and DA markets.

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Our Clients Say

We were looking for a platform with which we could optimize our nomination patterns, even more, automate settlements, and accommodate the changing market that is a result of deregulation of the electricity market, all with real-time information. QuantRisk has been able to deliver on all our expectations. The benefits to our company and our customers are immense.
A Utility COO