QuantRisk made the announcement today that QR Release 2014 onwards will be completely cloud compatible

Miami, Florida, September, 2014

QuantRisk made the announcement today that QR Release 2014 onwards will be fully cloud compatible. QuantRisk shall offer and maintain on release at a time for dedicated on site or managed implementation as well as SaaS cloud services.

QR advanced parallel processor architecture delivers a unique and powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) on the Cloud. One single cloud implementation of QR System along with multiple databases can simultaneously service multiple clients in different industries and markets.

For example, a user can use QR cloud services as an ETRM and trade crude oil in Europe, while another user also uses an ETRM but to optimizing electricity generation assets in Asia, and all along different users manage cash and liquidity for a corporate treasury, or perform real-time risk valuation for a hedge fund. All these use the same cloud infrastructure and software with different databases in the background.

QR SaaS cloud services deliver the widest range of powerful Data, Trading, Analytics, Risk and Asset Optimization Software as a Service (SaaS) on the Cloud.

We offer 4 different cloud services tailored and crafted for the needs of different industries and markets. These industries are: Electricity Capital Markets (Banking, Hedge Funds, and Asset Management)

QuantRisk Trading, Analytics, Optimization and Risk system is a state-of-the-art integrated platform designed for any market and industry: energy, commodity, treasury, banks, asset management firms and hedge funds.

QR System goes far beyond traditional trading and risk systems and offers:

  1.  Enterprise data connectivity along with advanced analytics and optimization functionality all leading to real-time optimal decision making.
  2.  Real-time visibility, holistic enterprise-wide business intelligence.
  3.  Full integration of trading, risk, operations, logistic, assets and optimal decision making.

QuantRisk cloud services can be used directly by end-user clients, or be licensed in partnership with other service providers to deliver value added services to their clients.


Our Clients Say

After thorough investigations, we commissioned a “Proof of Concept” implementation of QR System for a period of 2 months. The goal was to implement core functionality out-of-the-box. The POC was a resounding success in all its goals. The system was configured to handle wholesale trading, billing, invoicing and reporting, as well as our bilateral OTC power procurements and sample retail contracts. QuantRisk Platform delivered outstanding performance in all areas of functionality. The advanced analytics offered very impressive precision in forecasting load, and the dispatch optimization module was able to recommend very valuable trading strategies that we found to be possible to implement over time.
COO of a Utility Group

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