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Privacy Policy

Protecting your personal information

Quantrisk is committed to protect the (“Personal Information”) of its clients. Our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information, as stated herein, are revised to remain compliant with applicable data collection and privacy laws. By using our website and its products, you are accepting our privacy policy.

Our website uses standard web technologies such as cookies or other tools to help us protect, monitor and improve the performance of our website and your experience with it. The cookies we use do not contain any personal information. To access our site and products, we enforce industry standard cybersecurity measures.

To register, open an account, and use our products we collect limited information on our clients such as name, email, phone number, company, etc. This information is used to contact you with information about, or the actual delivery of, our products and services. You will also provide a list of instrument symbols for the financial securities for which you wish to receive our products and solutions. This information was collectively referred to as (“Personal Information”).

Your Personal Information is kept confidential and not disclosed to third parties, with the following exceptions: our affiliated companies to enable the delivery of our solutions and services, and when required by law. We keep this information for regulatory compliance, licensing and audit purposes, and it can’t be deleted irrevocably.

Your personal information may be transferred, processed and stored in servers in different countries, where the legal and operational safeguards that are in place meet US and EU standards. We implement the best industry standards to protect your personal data.

We do not store any payment information and data.

Our Privacy Polices undergoes changes through time. In continuing to use our site, you are explicitly acknowledging that you are in agreement with our changed polices. You should review this Privacy Policy page regularly to remain informed of any changes.