Power Energy Storage Trading Optimization Software Solution

Battery & Pump Storage Power Trading Optimization Solutions

  • Power storage trading optimization of buying & charging decisions vs discharging & selling
  • Optimal trading strategies to maximize a power storage valuation for investment
  • Optimize reserves vs energy bidding decision in day-ahead and intraday markets
  • Trade automation, scheduling, and intraday and post-trade performance analysis
  • Seamless integration of QR AI Forecaster  for load and price forecasts
Power Energy Storage Trading Optimization Software Solution

Battery & Pump Storage and Hydro Assets Trading Optimization Solutions

  • Storage trading optimization: charging / pumping-up decisions vs discharging / generating
  • Optimal storage & hydro asset trading strategies to maximize valuation for investment
  • Optimal storage & hydro asset trading in intraday and DA trading to maximize the P&L
  • Trade automation, scheduling, and intraday & post-trade trading performance analysis
  • Seamless integration of QR AI Forecaster  for renewable, load and price forecasts
QR Trading Optimizer offers ready-for-use advanced power storage and hydro assets trading optimization solutions for intraday & day-ahead trading. Maximize trading P&L and asset valuation


Clients’ profile. Traders and portfolio & asset managers of battery or pump storage and hydro generators belonging to investment firms, utilities and power generating companies.

Target. The accelerated growth of both green energy retailers, and solar and wind generation, and the volatile nature of their outputs are emphasizing the need for power stabilization through battery and hydro pump storage solutions. Some key challenges are:

  • Integration of optimal trading of storage assets with renewable energy resources to guarantee a smooth and continuous electricity flow in the absence of the renewable generation.
  • Maximize the trading P&L, or the value of a storage asset by determining the high-price periods and the optimal quantities to discharge and generate, versus the low-price periods and the energy quantities to fill/charge the storage, together with their corresponding bid prices.
  • Dynamically tap into storage assets to shave peak load in order to alleviate sudden demand spikes, with the objective to lower energy cost.
  • Optimize Energy Demand Response (EDR) programs by shifting demand to minimize energy costs. Without changing their consumption behavior, consumers are offered the flexibility to reduce their local grid consumption at high price periods, by switching to battery storage.
  • Optimize the key decision to bid the storage in DA energy or reserve market versus the intraday sport market of tomorrow.

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Why QR Power Storage & hydro asset Optimization Solution

Battery and hydro pump storage assets operate and trade in different settings. E.g., the storage can be embedded with solar or wind generation and use part of their generation to refill/charge. Alternatively, the storage asset can be independent from any renewable resource and can only refill/charge by buying and using electricity from the market.
QR Trading Optimization for Hydro and Storage Assets covers all above operational scenarios and uses our price forecasts and all operational constraints of the storage or hydro asset to compute the following outputs:

For every 5 - 60 min trading interval, we compute the MW quantity of fill up/charge and store, versus release/discharge and generate with the objective to maximize the total daily P&L of the storage. This is performed from several perspective: in current intraday and DA trading as well as the decision to participate in the DA market versus the spot market of tomorrow.

For every optimal trading decision listed above, we compute the appropriate optimal bidding strategy with the highest likelihood to achieve the expected maximum P&L.

Execution for intraday real-time trading is every 15 minutes, 24/7. For DA trading execution is a few times a day.

QR Power Storage & hydro asset Optimization Benefits & Features

We offer flexible delivery options:
Optimization Service where our expert team and platform do everything and you receive, via API and electronic means, intraday and DA bidding signals every 10 minutes, 24/7.
Software as a Service (SaaS) where we implement QR Bidding Optimizer on a private cloud of your choosing, or on-site, and you control the data and the optimization models.

You pay one single annual subscription fee comprising license, maintenance and upgrade releases.

Our expert (MSc and PhD) trading optimization team will configure and fine-tunes the best optimization model for your assets and maintain and enhance them in time.

Hydro Pump Storage Trading Optimization Model Parameters

Running state constraints: The asset can operate in just one mode at any trading interval, either release water and generate power, or pump water and fill up the reservoir.

Lower and upper generator power limits: Generation min-max or target quantity for: 5-60 minute intervals, daily and monthly.

Lower and upper pump power limits: Water pump-up min-max or target quantity for: 5-60 minute intervals, daily and monthly.

Reservoir capacity constraints: min, max volume capacity of reservoir.

Nominal generation capacity (MW).

Nominal pump capacity (MW).

Conversion rate of water volume to electricity MWh during generation.

Conversion rate of electricity MWh to water volume during pumping.

Electricity generation ramp rate.

Water pump-up ramp rate.

Hydro Generation Trading Optimization Model Parameters

Nominal dam reservoir capacity.

Lower and upper limits: Generation min-max or target quantity for: 5-60 minute intervals, daily and monthly.

Nominal generation capacity (MW).

Conversion rate of water volume to electricity MWh during generation.

Electricity generation ramp rate.

Battery Storage Trading Optimization Model Parameters

State of Charge (SOC): Percentage of the storage nominal capacity that can be actually charged, e.g., 95%.

Depth of Discharge (DOD): Percentage of power that can be withdrawn from the battery, e.g., 80%.

Daily Depth of Discharge: Maximum amount of energy that can be extracted from the battery in a 24 hour period.

Charging and Discharging Rate: The quantity (in Amps) of charge added (resp discharge withdrawn) to or from the battery per unit of time.

Number of series (arrays) of cells. Number of parallel arrays. Nominal cell voltage.

Cost of charge and discharge per MW.

QR Optimizer increases trading P&L, or asset valuation by 20 to 30%. In no case it will cost you anything. It is a source of revenue and can make 10x its cost, as extra profit it generates.

QR Bidding & Scheduler is seamlessly integrated with the optimizer to allow optimal bid modification, validation and electronic submission to the ISO or power exchange, in intraday and day-ahead trading for energy and reserves.

QR Trading Performance Analysis. Detailed real-time and post-trade trading analysis dashboard compares the gross margin or P&L of the actual versus optimal scenarios: expected clearing dispatch and meter quantity resulting from the bids, and the corresponding generation cost and revenue from sale in the spot market.

QR AI Forecaster is seamlessly integrated to provide forecasts of system demand, spot price, and the offer stack for each forward trading period, while applying adjustments for outages, available capacity, holidays, quantities sold in the ancillary and DA markets.

The model incorporates outages, maintenance, scheduling and bidding from multiple partners jointly owning a plant, and quantities sold in ancillary or day-ahead markets.

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Our Clients Say

The Current President of WEVECA and GM of the co-op ANTECO, Mr. Ludivico Lim said: QuantRisk team worked closely with our trading team to listen to our concerns and the particular complexities of our load contracts and managed to very efficiently enter them in their optimization model. No face to face meeting was required. We did it all via email and phone conferences. We can see in one single trading panel, the optimal load we need to allocate to each bilateral contract, how much to buy from or sell to the market. We are very pleased with the outcome. QuantRisk solutions optimize our energy cost about PHP 473 /MWh, or US$ 10 /MWh, within our current day-ahead nomination practice.
General Manager of an Electric Cooperative

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