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Reserves Trading & Bidding Optimization Solution Boasting Staggering Profits

  • Real-time intraday and day-ahead reserves trading and bidding optimization.
  • AI model to optimize the decision to participate in DA reserves vs energy markets.
  • Trade automation, scheduling, and intraday and post-trade performance analysis.
  • Seamless integration of QR AI Forecaster for load and price forecasts.
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Reserve Bidding Optimizer computes optimal bids that maximize the plants’ gross margin or P&L across all forward (5-60 minutes) trading periods of the day. This 24/7 automated AI trading bot optimizes the decision to participate in energy vs reserve market.


Clients’ profile. Traders, and portfolio and asset managers with generation assets that have the option to participate in energy or reserve markets.

1. Optimize the key decision of participating in DA reserve markets versus bidding in DA or intraday energy market. Create optimal bidding strategies in reserve markets that maximize the profit.
2. A fully-featured, ready-for-use cloud trading solution together with a team of experts to create and maintain cutting-edge trading strategies as markets evolve.

Client Profile- Thermal Power Generation

QR Reserve Bidding Advanced Ecosystem

  • Microservice architecture enables accelerated custom configuration of generation & reserve trading optimization solutions for any asset.
  • API-friendly ecosystem allows flexible integration and data exchange with third party & in-house systems. Functionalities are constantly enhanced and extended to meet clients requirements.
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QR Reserve Bidding Optimizer Features

  • To overcome the above challenges, our proprietary hybrid AI optimizer simultaneously uses forecasting, clustering and classification algorithms to determine, with high accuracy, whether to participate in a DA reserve or energy market.
  • When it is determined that it is more optimal to participate in a given reserve market, the solution computes, for each case, the optimal bids that maximize the profit. This is performed by 2 optimization algorithms, genetic computing and pattern search.
  • The solution also computes the resulting expected reserve quantities to be sold and their revenue. These outputs are computed at the granularity of the market, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes.
  • How it works. The system automatically fetches all necessary data around the clock. Then QR AI Forecaster computes accurate AI forecasts of system price, demand and the stack of bids & offers for energy and reserves. Next, QR Optimizer uses these forecasts as input, along with generation costs, constraints, and outages to decide whether to keep generation capacity for tomorrow’s spot market, or bid in DA energy market, or bid in DA reserves market. In all cases, the system computes the optimal bids for each trading period whose expected cleared RTD maximize the P&L. This entire cycle is automated and runs 24/7.


  • You can always start with a POC Trial where we back-test some of your trades against the optimal scenarios, and deduce how much QR Trading Optimizer can improve your P&L.
  • License what you need. You can license each component separately, depending on your needs, e.g., price forecasting, bidding & trading optimization, back-office settlement & billing or risk management.
  • Two flexible delivery options:
    • Trading Optimization as a Service. Our cloud platform and expert team do everything, and you receive, via API and in web dashboards, the desired outputs, e.g., price forecasts, optimal bidding & trading schedules every 10 minutes, 24/7. No software installation, hardware and IT resources are needed.
    • Software as a Service (SaaS) where we implement the system on a private cloud of your choosing, or on-site, and you control the data and the models.
  • Ready-to use platform. We offer a large number of especially designed trading optimization algorithms and models for sourcing portfolio, and the bidding of thermal asset (gas, coal and diesel) and BESS & hydro power plants. These can be used on your assets and markets with minor configuration.
  • Cost-effective pricing. Whether you use QR Trading Optimizer as a service or as SaaS, you pay one single annual subscription fee. The fee comprises the license, maintenance and upgrade releases. In no case will this solution cost anything, it can generate profits worth 10x its license cost.
  • P&L enhancement. QR Trading Optimizer considerably improves the trading P&L, or asset valuation.
    • Maximize profit from bidding, generation and selling in a power market or ISO. Maximize profit from bidding into reserve markets versus selling in the spot market.
    • Minimize energy sourcing cost for utilities and LSEs.
  • Expert team. In-house trading optimization models require extensive expert resources. Models are sensitive to myriads of constraints in assets & operations. QR Trading Optimizer was created as a universal optimization platform that could be configured for various operations. Our team of mathematician PhD experts closely work with clients to customize and maintain the optimization model that suits their asset portfolio.

QR Reserve Bidding Optimization Benefits & Features

We offer flexible delivery options:
a) Optimization Service where our expert team and platform do everything and you receive, via API and electronic means, intraday and DA reserve bidding signals, every 10 minutes, 24/7.
b) Software as a Service (SaaS) where we implement QR Optimizer on a private cloud of your choosing, or on-site, and you control the data and the optimization models.

You pay one single annual subscription fee comprising license, maintenance and upgrade releases.

Our expert (MSc and PhD) data science team configures, fine-tunes and deploys your reserve optimization models in record time and helps you maintain and calibrate them in time.

QR Reserve Optimizer Increases the trading P&L, or asset valuation significantly. In no case it will cost you anything. It is a source of revenue and can make 10x its cost, as extra profit it generates.

The model can be configured for any type of reserve or ancillary contracts.

A user-friendly web dashboard allows the configuration of a custom optimization model with detailed cash flow modeling of the cost of generation, and revenue from selling the ancillary service, and the gross margin which is the optimization objective function.

The model incorporates outage and maintenance schedules and capacity.

QR Bidding & Scheduler is seamlessly integrated with the optimizer to allow the editing, modification and validation of the optimal bids for reserve markets, and their electronic submission to the ISO.

QR Trading Performance Analysis. Detailed, real-time and post-trade trading analysis dashboard compares the gross margin or P&L of the actual versus optimal scenarios: expected clearing sold quantity and prices, resulting from the optimal ancillary bids, and their corresponding generation cost and revenue.

QR AI Forecaster is seamlessly integrated to provide forecasts of system demand, spot and reserve contract prices, and their corresponding offer stack, going forward for every trading period, while applying adjustments for outages and available capacity.

All output data of bidding optimization, e.g., optimal bids, expected clearance quantities, detailed P&L, simulations and forecasts of prices, and offer stack are available via API for real-time integration with your internal systems.

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