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Thermal Power Plants Trading Optimization

  • Intraday & DA
    price forecasting: nodal, LMP, zonal & trading hub.
  • Bidding & Trading optimization, Intraday & DA
  • Generation optimization.
  • Maximize profit & minimize ware & tear.
  • Power plant data management.
  • Bidding & scheduling interface.
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Client Profile

  • These solutions are tailored for traders, portfolio and asset managers in utilities and power generation companies engaged in day-to-day trading or planning, both in bilateral and organized electricity markets or ISOs.
  • These solutions offer trading models and algorithms for gas, coal and diesel assets. These cost-effective solutions can be easily integrated with existing ETRM and asset systems.
  • You can also adopt our platform as your core trading and data analytics platform and leverage our microservice architecture and API services to connect in-house legacy and other systems and do away with manual processing and cumbersome legacy system integration.
  • Our solutions can be used as a service, or implemented on a dedicated cloud (of your choice, or our cloud platform), or on-site.
Client Profile- Thermal Power Generation

Thermal Power Plants Advanced Ecosystem

  • Microservice architecture enables accelerated custom configuration of your assets and electricity markets for bidding and trading.
  • API-friendly ecosystem allows flexible integration and data exchange with third party & in-house load systems. Functionalities are constantly enhanced and extended to meet clients requirements.
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Thermal Power Plants Trading Solutions

QR Data Hub

QR Data Hub is especially designed to streamline and automate the data pipeline across generation operations.

  • Centralized data platform ready to fetch, clean, insert and manage all your data, from 5 to 60 min resolution, consumer meter, generation, system demand (regional, zonal, total), prices (system, nodal, LPM, real-time and DA), outages, stack of bids & offers, supply side data, weather, schedules, trades, settlement, billing, etc.
  • Once data fetching and migration are accomplished, you have all your data in a robust and modern data management system.
  • You can then disseminate your data to other applications via our flexible API service.
QR Data Hub

QR AI Price Forecaster

  • This solution offers a range of automated advanced AI forecasting services for world electricity markets, ISOs & RTOs.
  • Price forecasts: nodal, Locational Marginal Price (LMP), zonal or trading hub prices Demand forecasts: system, transmission and zonal demand.
  • The forecasts are intraday and DA at 5 to 60 minutes resolutions.
  • Intraday forecasts are refreshed every 10 mins 24/7.
AI Forecasting

QR Trading Optimizer

  • The solution optimizes the bidding of thermal generation assets in power markets or IOSs, while fulfilling demand, contractual, ancillary and regulatory obligations, under various operational constraints.
  • The computed optimal bids maximize a portfolio of plants’ gross margin or P&L, across all forward (5-60 minutes) trading periods of the day, while fulfilling the energy requirements of bilateral contracts if any, versus buy-sell in the spot market.
  • The solution is automatically executed 24/7, for intraday and DA trading or bidding in your market.

QR Generation Optimizer

  • This solution is for thermal assets operating in bilateral electricity markets outside an ISO or power market.
  • The solution maximizes the profit of a portfolio of generation assets by dynamically adjusting for every (5-60 minutes) trading period, the decision to generate versus buy-sell in a bilateral spot market, while taking into account available generation capacity, constraints and bilateral contractual obligations.
  • The solution is automatically executed 24/7, for intraday and DA trading, as well as long-term planning.
Generation Portfolio Trading Optimization

QR Asset Manager

  • QR Asset Management allows the modeling of different types of asset (power plants or callable bilateral contracts), data (capacity, RTD, meter, contracted capacity), physical characteristics and operational constraints, ramp, outages, heat-rate, and power conversion.
  • QR Bidding & Scheduling Dashboard is seamlessly integrated to allow the editing, management, validation, and submissions of energy and reserve bids to IOSs, RTOs, power markets and exchanges, within the same dashboard.
Asset Manager

QR Reporting & Business Intelligence

QR Reporting is a dynamic reporting solution designed for energy trading.
  • The solution offers great flexibility and tools to create custom energy reports and dashboards.
  • We offer a series of ready-for-use executive web dashboards and reports delivering real-time access to your financial and operational data and key performance indicators such as load, market data, energy and other rates, P&L, and various risk and position reporting.
  • The reporting solution is very efficient in loading and rendering granular high volume energy data, as it gets its input data and writes its outputs using our optimized API service.
Business Intelligence


  • You can always start with a POC Trial where we back-test some of your trades against the optimal scenarios, and deduce how much QR Trading Optimizer can improve your P&L.
  • License what you need. You can license each component separately, depending on your needs, e.g., price forecasting, bidding & trading optimization, back-office settlement & billing or risk management.
  • Two flexible delivery options:
    • Trading Optimization as a Service. Our cloud platform and expert team do everything, and you receive, via API and in web dashboards, the desired outputs, e.g., price forecasts, optimal bidding & trading schedules every 10 minutes, 24/7. No software installation, hardware and IT resources are needed.
    • Software as a Service (SaaS) where we implement the system on a private cloud of your choosing, or on-site, and you control the data and the models.
  • Ready-to use platform. We offer a large number of especially designed algorithms and models for bidding gas, coal and diesel power plants. These can be used on your assets and markets with minor configuration.
  • Cost-effective pricing. Whether you use QR Trading Optimizer as a service or as SaaS, you pay one single annual subscription fee. The fee comprises the license, maintenance and upgrade releases. In no case will this solution cost anything, it can generate profits worth 10x its license cost.
  • P&L enhancement. QR Trading Optimizer considerably improves the trading P&L, or asset valuation.
    • Maximize profit from bidding, generation and selling in a power market or ISO. Maximize profit from bidding into reserve markets versus selling in the spot market.
    • Minimize plants ware and tear.
  • Expert team. In-house trading optimization models require extensive expert resources. Models are sensitive to myriads of constraints in assets & operations. QR Trading Optimizer was created as a universal optimization platform that could be configured for various operations. Our team of mathematician PhD experts closely work with clients to customize and maintain the optimization model that suits their asset portfolio.

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