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Electricity and Energy Trade Capture Software

  • Electricity, gas, multi-energy and FX trade capture.
  • Retail power and gas trading with complex pricing plans.
  • Automated front office: trading, pricing, hedging, lifecycle, workflow & portfolio.
  • Seamless integration of back office settlement & middle office risk management.
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Light, flexible and easy to implement electricity, gas & energy trading solutions, on the cloud or on-site. Streamlined and efficient management of data, transactions and reporting. Robust retail energy trading solution.


Clients’ profile. Entities trading financial and physical electricity, gas, fuel and emissions. Energy companies across all industries, power, gas, oil and derivatives, generators, utilities, electric co-ops. Electricity and gas retail marketers and portfolio managers. Small and mid-size entities operating in bilateral and ISO or RTO markets.

1. Implement a cost-effective, robust and flexible ETRM, on the cloud or on-site, that can go live rapidly, and doesn't require lengthy and costly implementation and maintenance teams.
2. A full-featured, ready-for-use, standalone cloud solution that can be easily integrated with in-house ETRMs and ERPs, and ISOs via flexible API tools.

QR Trade Capture Solutions

QR Trade Capture is a versatile power and multi-energy trading software solution with these key apps
Trade Capture

Trade Capture

One multiple energy ETRM platform for power, gas, LNG, oil, derivatives, coal, FX, emissions. Multi-trading, financial, physical, wholesale. Flexible retail trading.



Integrated dashboard to allow the editing, management, validation, and submissions of energy and reserve bids to IOSs, RTOs and exchanges. Data and connectivity management via API.

ISO Solutions

Real-time connectivity and data management for worldwide wholesale ISO and RTO systems. E.g., nodal and LMP energy and reserves bids, load, RTD, price, outages, operational and ISO settlement data.

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Trade Capture Advanced Ecosystem

  • Microservice architecture enables accelerated custom configuration of trading optimization solutions for any asset.
  • API-friendly ecosystem allows flexible integration and data exchange with third party & in-house systems. Functionalities are constantly enhanced and extended to meet clients requirements.
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QR Trade Capture Features

Energy Power Trading Deal Capture Software
  • Rapid on-screen configuration and creation from scratch of energy transaction templates with custom fields, characteristics and constraints. Volumes, curves, charges and prices can be on different timescales, e.g., contracted capacity be monthly, and actual meter be in 5-60 minutes.
  • Multiple energy, valuation rules and pricing plans, currencies, units, charges, and tax rules can be embedded in one single trade. Each data can have multiple publication runs: e.g., initial, preliminary & final. The system automatically loads the best available data for valuation.
  • Many to many transaction cross-linking can be configured based on multiple business objectives. E.g.: hedging, physical energy linking to production or logistics, physical demand (retail and wholesale) covered by power supply or generation, themselves covered by transmission.
  • Business automation: front to back office custom workflow, automation and streamlining of processing. Configurable transaction life-cycle management, confirmation, affirmation, actualization and trading workflow. Pre- and post-trade regulatory filings such as e-tagging.
  • Portfolio wizard filters and organizes transactions into multiple portfolios based on any desired criteria, such as energy type, retail, wholesale, trading hub, regions, clients, etc. Drilling down displays marginal values at different portfolio layers, and rolling-up aggregates values.
Electricity Risk Management Solution
  • QR Scheduler dashboard is seamlessly integrated to allow the editing, management, validation, and submissions of optimal energy and reserve bids to IOSs, RTOs and exchanges, within the same dashboard. Mixed bid types can be managed, e.g., standing offers for week-ahead, and optimal bids for the next few periods intraday. Bids can be copied and pasted across multiple periods. Bids are validated in real-time, invalid bids are locked and highlighted in red, and submission is blocked until the bid is properly edited.
  • QR Risk is seamlessly integrated to provide analytics (forward curves, Monte Carlo simulation), and risk management functionality, market, exposure, credit, regulatory and operational risk.


  • QR ETRM can be installed on-site or on the cloud. The cloud version is a ready-for-use and cost-effective alternative. No software installation is required and you can go live in record time.
  • QR ETRM comes ready out-of-the-box, and you can leverage numerous existing templates, models and reports to go live in record time.
  • On-screen configuration flexibility to adapt to any market, energy and operation. In particular, one single platform covers fuel, wholesale, retail and ISO trading for any power market.
  • Cost effective pricing. You pay one single annual subscription license fee for QR Trading, whether used as a service or implemented on the cloud or on-site. The fee comprises the license, maintenance and upgrade releases. Your system is upgraded regularly so that you always have access to the latest release. Your trading templates & reports are regularly visited by our expert team and updated.

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