Retail Energy Marketing

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This solution is tailored for retail energy (electricity and gas) marketing firms operating within ISOs or bilateral markets, to provide robust cost effective solutions as cloud services. You can do away with manual spreadsheets processing and move the entire workflow of your operations (Data Management, AI Forecasting, Sourcing Portfolio Optimization, Trading & Scheduling, Back Office Settlement and Billing) into a state-of-the-art automated platform, in record time and on budget. Our cloud solutions require no hardware, IT resources or expert personnel. All you need is just a browser.

Data management

QR Data Hub is especially designed to streamline and automate the data pipeline across energy retail operations: a centralized data platform ready to fetch, clean, insert and manage all your data, from 5 to 60 min resolution, consumer meter, prices (system, nodal, LPM, real-time and DA), schedules, wholesale and retail trading, charges, fees, rates, settlement, billing, etc. Once data fetching and migration are accomplished, you have all your data in a robust and modern data management system. You can then disseminate your data to other applications via our flexible API service.

AI Forecasting

QR AI Forecaster offers a range of preconfigured automated advanced AI forecasting models for consumer load (per category, region etc.), total demand, as well as RTO / ISO and bilateral markets demand and prices (nodal, system and LPM), for intraday, 7 DA and long-term forecasts across a range of resolutions from 5-60 minutes .

Energy Sourcing Portfolio Optimization

QR Trading & Sourcing Portfolio Optimizer minimizes, by up to 40%, the total energy procurement cost of a retailer by dynamically adjusting for every (5 – 60 minutes) trading period, the calling or nomination quantities across your bilateral sourcing contracts, along with the corresponding buy-sell of the imbalance in the spot market, while meeting demand, contractual and regulatory constraints. The solution is automatically executed 24/7, for intraday and DA trading.

ETRM: Trading, Risk, Back-Office, Settlement and Billing

QR ETRM is a light, cost-effective, robust ETRM, offering flexible and scalable microservices managing:

  • Trading: easy and intuitive transaction management for complex fuel, gas and electricity transactions. Automated scheduling to suppliers and ISOs.
  • Back office: data management for pass-through charges and fees across multiple jurisdictions, intuitive valuation rule management for a full range of complex wholesale and retail energy transactions, and pass-through charges. Settlement, rates, and billing data computation.
  • Risk computation: positions, market risk (MTM, VaR), and counterparty exposure.
  • Flexible API based integration with your in-house ERP, billing and accounting systems.

Business Intelligence

QR Reporting offers many ready-for-use executive web dashboards enabling real-time access to your financial and operational data and key performance indicators such as load, market data, energy and other rates, P&L, and various risk and position reporting.