Renewable Energy

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Solar generation is becoming an ever increasing component of generation portfolios and its intermittent nature is forcing all stakeholders to seek accurate and robust generation forecasts. E.g., utilities need to plan their sourcing portfolio. In light of these shortcomings in solar generation, system and transmission operators need to maintain system stability in terms of voltage and frequency, and maintain grid stability by planning for reserves. These cloud solutions are tailored for solar and wind generation entities.

Data management

QR Data Hub is especially designed to streamline and automate the data pipeline across renewable generation operations: centralized data platform ready to fetch, clean, insert and manage all your data, from 5 to 60 min resolution, generation, prices (system, nodal, LPM, real-time and DA), weather. Once data fetching and migration are accomplished, you have all your data in a robust and modern data management system. You can then disseminate your data to other applications via our flexible API service.

AI Forecasting

QR AI Forecaster offers a range of preconfigured automated advanced AI forecasting models for renewable (solar and wind) generation, for intraday and DA across a range of resolutions from 5-60 minutes. They use granular generation and weather data as input.