Energy Storage

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These cloud solutions are tailored for traders, and portfolio & asset managers of battery or pump storage generators belonging to investment firms, utilities and power generating companies.

Data management

QR Data Hub is especially designed to streamline and automate the data pipeline across generation operations: centralized data platform ready to fetch, clean, insert and manage all your data, from 5 to 60 min resolution, generation, system demand (regional, zonal, total), prices (system, nodal, LPM, real-time and DA), outages, stack of bids & offers, supply side data, weather, schedules. Once data fetching and migration are accomplished, you have all your data in a robust and modern data management system. You can then disseminate your data to other applications via our flexible API service.

AI Forecasting

QR AI Forecaster offers a range of preconfigured automated advanced AI forecasting models for renewable generation, system demand, RTO / ISO prices (nodal, system and LMP), Offer stack of bids and offers, for intraday, 7 DA and long-term, across a range of resolutions from 5-60 minutes .

Energy Storage Optimization

This solution is for thermal and hydro generation assets in IOSs wishing to optimize their bidding, while fulfilling demand, contractual, ancillary and regulatory obligations, under various operational constraints.

QR Storage Trading Optimizer creates optimal trading strategies that maximize the profit of a storage asset in active trading, or maximize its fair valuation for investment purposes. The solution maximizes the net profit of the asset by computing the optimal path (timing and quantities) across 4 scenarios: buying power and charging the storage, discharging and selling power in intraday or DA spot market, participating in DA reserve markets. This optimal path maximizes the net profit from operating the asset across each 24 hr forward period. In ISO and RTO markets, the solution computes the bids that have the highest likelihood to achieve the above optimal path, and the resulting expected RTD and MQ for the asset and the spot market price.