Energy Storage & Hydro Assets

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These cloud solutions are tailored for traders, and portfolio & asset managers of battery or pump storage & hydro generators belonging to investment firms, utilities and power generating companies.

Data management

QR Data Hub is especially designed to streamline and automate the data pipeline across generation operations: centralized data platform ready to fetch, clean, insert and manage all your data, from 5 to 60 min resolution, generation, system demand (regional, zonal, total), prices (system, nodal, LPM, real-time and DA), outages, stack of bids & offers, supply side data, weather, schedules. Once data fetching and migration are accomplished, you have all your data in a robust and modern data management system. You can then disseminate your data to other applications via our flexible API service.

AI Forecasting

QR AI Forecaster offers a range of preconfigured automated advanced AI forecasting models for renewable generation, system demand, RTO / ISO prices (nodal, system and LMP), Offer stack of bids and offers, for intraday, 7 DA and long-term, across a range of resolutions from 5-60 minutes .

Energy Storage & hydro assets Optimization

Battery and hydro pump storage assets operate and trade in different settings. E.g., the storage can be embedded with solar or wind generation and use part of their generation to refill/charge. Alternatively, the storage asset can be independent from any renewable resource and can only refill/charge by buying and using electricity from the market.

QR Trading Optimization for Hydro and Storage Assets covers all above operational scenarios and uses our price forecasts and all operational constraints of the storage or hydro asset to compute the following outputs:

  • For every 5 – 60 min trading interval, we compute the MW quantity of fill up/charge and store, versus release/discharge and generate with the objective to maximize the total daily P&L of the storage. This is performed from several perspective: in current intraday and DA trading as well as the decision to participate in the DA market versus the spot market of tomorrow.
  • For every optimal trading decision listed above, we compute the appropriate optimal bidding strategy with the highest likelihood to achieve the expected maximum P&L.
  • Execution for intraday real-time trading is every 15 minutes, 24/7. For DA trading execution is a few times a day.