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Energy Load, Price & Renewable AI Forecasting Solutions & Services

  • ISO zonal, Trading Hub, nodal / LMP prices.
  • Consumer load, ISO regional & Trading Hub load.
  • Intraday, 7 DA & long-term 5-60 mins forecast resolution.
  • Forecast frequency every 5 -10 mins, 24/7.
  • Upper and lower uncertainty forecast bands.

QR AI Forecaster offers a wide range of ready-for-use, advanced load, price and solar generation AI forecasting solutions that are tailored for intraday, up to 7 days ahead, and long term power markets

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Forecast as a Service is a cloud web service offering load, price, generation and renewables (5-60 min) forecasts as a web service for world ISOs. No implementation required, Receive forecasts instantly via API.

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AI Load & Demand Forecast

Wholesale, retail and individual consumers. Net Load, ISO load zones

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AI Price Forecast

Energy & reserves nodal, LMP & trading hub prices in world ISO & Power Exchanges

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AI Renewable Generation Forecast

Intraday and day-ahead solar and wind generation

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Forecast as a Service

Load, demand, price and renewable forecasts as a 24/7 cloud service

The solution computes intraday, day-ahead and long-term forecasts with 5-60 mins resolution. Forecast frequency is every 5-10 mins, 24/7. Upper and lower uncertainty forecast bands.

Cost effective solution. You pay one single annual subscription license fee whether used as a service or implemented on the cloud or on-site. 

Next-generation universal AI platform designed for the most stringent requirements of load, demand, price (energy and reserves) and solar & renewable generation forecasting in all electricity markets.

No-coding AI platform allowing users to drag and drop and combine various Deep Learning AI and Machine Learning methods to create their own custom forecast models. The data flow and parameters of each AI model are configured on the screen in a user-friendly dashboard, without coding.

AutoML forecasting platform. AI models can typically have 20+ parameters, and identifying the best combination by trial and error is very time-consuming. QR AI Model Optimization toolbox automatically tries the equivalent of 100,000+ models to identify the best model for each data set by selecting the combination of model parameters and predictors that minimizes the forecast error using genetic computing. This considerably shortens implementation and maintenance efforts.

Build, fine-tune, optimize and deploy AI forecast models and set them for automatic execution in record time.

QR Data Hub is a no-coding data warehouse platform that can be quickly configured to fetch, cleans, insert and manage clients’ data. QR Data Hub offers many tools to manipulate data, e.g., roll load data from 5 min to 15, 30 and 60 min resolutions, or aggregates load data by any desired criteria, e.g., total utility load or retail consumption, before passing the data to the AI machine for forecasting.

The following chain is executed automatically 24/7 and each step triggers the next: data fetching and insertion from various sources (ISOs, RTOs, meter, SCADA, weather, etc.), training and execution of AI models, and publication of the forecast results via API.

Flexible delivery options. Forecast as a Data Service where our platform does everything, and you receive the forecasts every 5-10 minutes 24/7. Software as a Service implemented on a private cloud or on-site. The cloud solution requires no software installation, hardware and IT resources, all you need is just a browser.

Leverage our automated platform & expert team. The AI models self-calibrate, learn & adapt with each new data. Our data science team regularly fine tunes and optimizes your AI models.

To reduce project risk you can start with a Proof of Concept (POC) or trial period. The fee is scaled to the implementation efforts needed by the POC. Contact us for more details.

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AI Load & Price Forecast Case Studies

QR AI Forecaster Methodology

QR AI Forecaster is a universal forecasting platform that is agnostic to specific usage, and offers vast configuration capabilities for any type of forecasting. This no-coding AI platform allows users to drag, drop and connect various AI and Machine Learning methods, sequentially or in parallel, in a user-friendly dashboard to create their own custom forecast model.

Deep Learning models from Keras library are available: Long Short Term Memory Networks (LSTM), 1D/2D Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN), Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN), and Gated Recurrent Unit (GRU).

Machine Learning ensemble models are highly efficient, flexible and portable. The following distributed gradient boosting libraries are available: XGBoost, Random Forest, Catboost, ADABoost and LightGBM.

Single Models: MLP (neural networks), decision tree, SVM, KNN and ElasticNet.

The algorithms are designed to perform regression (forecast), classification and clustering. These can be simultaneously put together to create hybrid AI models for specific tasks. E.g., we have created a hybrid model that can be trained to learn trading ancillaries, by deciding with high degree of accuracy, whether or not to participate in a DA reserve market versus the energy market.

To ensure the highest degree of accuracy and stability, model optimization is automated with 3 specialized built-in tool-boxes, QR Feature Extractor, QR AI Back-tester and QR AI Model Fine-tuner. These considerably lessen the need and workload of data scientists and analysts.

The platform execution time is in the order of minutes to produce intraday and day ahead forecasts. Computing lower resolution forecasts, e.g., 10 minutes, takes longer than higher resolution, e.g., hourly.


QuantRisk Solution Technology

All data is managed (fetched, inserted, validated, stored) by our modern datahub using Apache NIFI and Timescale DB. 

All data is distributed via a flexible Spring Boot API microservice. This allows real-time data integration with reporting and your internal systems, e.g., trading optimization.

High-performance computing and microservice architectures achieve unparalleled scalable performance.

Technologies used in QR AI Platform: Python Django, SciPy, NumPy, Pandas, Keras, Tensorflow, Java Spring Boot, NGINX, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Apache NiFi, Angular, Grafana, Dramatiq, Highcharts. 

Our Clients Say

QuantRisk’s single platform provides our utility distribution companies with a highly adaptable enterprise web-system, excellent business modeling capability, internal controls and audit, advanced analytics tools, all of which will enhance the overall performance of our daily operations, as well as long term strategic decision making.
System Solutions VP Utility Group

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