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Energy Load, Price & Renewable AI Forecasting Solutions & Services

  • Power markets, ISOs & RTOs nodal / LMP prices.
  • Consumer load, power markets & ISOs demand.
  • Solar and wind generation forecasts.
  • Intraday, 7 DA 5-60 mins forecast resolution.
  • Forecast publication frequency every 10 mins 24/7.
  • Probabilistic upper & lower uncertainty forecasts.

QR AI Forecaster Solutions: A range of robust advanced AI forecast solutions tailored for intraday and 7 days ahead, load, price, wind and solar generation forecasts.

Clients: Utilities, minis, electric co-ops, retail marketers, generators, energy traders, market operators, Independent System Operators (ISOs), Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) and Transmission System Operators (TSO).

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QR Forecast as a Service is a cloud load, price, and renewable generation forecast service for world power market operators, ISOs & RTOs. No implementation required. Receive forecasts instantly via API or in web dashboards.

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AI Load & Demand Forecast

Wholesale, retail and individual consumers. Net Load, ISO demand.

Price forecast Al icon

AI Price Forecast

Energy & reserves nodal, LMP & trading hub prices in world ISO & Power Exchanges

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AI Renewable Generation Forecast

Intraday and day-ahead solar and wind generation

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Forecast as a Service

Load, demand, price and renewable forecasts as a 24/7 cloud service

Intraday Electricity Price Forecasting Upper & Lower Risk Bands
Intraday Electricity Price Forecasting Upper & Lower Uncertainly Bands
Probabilistic Forecast at Multiple Percentiles: Net Load of Behind-the-meter Solar Generation
Probabilistic Forecast at Multiple Percentiles: Load Net of Behind-the-meter Solar Generation
Price Forecasting Accuracy Analysis Dashboard Displaying Multi Grain Forecasts with Gauges and Tables for Accuracy Measurments Such As MAPE
Price Forecasting Accuracy Analysis Dashboard Displaying Multi Grain Forecasts with Gauges and Tables for Accuracy Measurements Such As MAPE
Drag & Drop Price Forecasting AI Feature Modeling Dashboard
Drag & Drop Price Forecasting AI Feature Modeling Dashboard

QR AI Forecaster Solutions

  • QR Data Hub is fully automated and fetches and organizes your data (load, meter, SCADA, renewable generation), market operators & ISOs (demand, nodal price and supply side data), as well as weather, wind, and radiance data.
  • Forecast results are published via API and in web dashboards with data visualization and manual download options.
  • You can always start with a POC Trial.
  • QR AI Forecaster offers a range of intraday and 7 days-ahead forecast solutions using advanced custom-configured Deep Learning and Machine Learning AI models.
  • Long term forecasts include what-if-scenarios on exogenous factors, e.g., a shift in temperature up or down by 10 degrees, some global economic indicators, or localized indicators such as consumer load growth by 9%, etc.
  • Forecast temporal resolution is 5–60 minutes, depending on your data and requirements. QR AI Forecaster can scale data while forecasting from lower to higher resolution, e.g., from actual 5-min data, it can forecast 5-min, 15-min, 30-min or 60-min resolution forecasts.
  • Forecasts computation frequency is configurable, e.g., 5–10 minutes, 24/7 for real-time intraday forecasts, and 9-12 am for day-ahead forecast.
  • Our forecast solutions can be licensed as a cloud service, where no hardware or software installations are needed, just a browser. They can also be installed on your private cloud or on-site.
  •  QR AI Forecaster is built with a processing architecture and a range of Deep and Machine Learning regression models especially designed for forecasting in electricity markets.

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Load Forecast Dashboard Displaying Actual and Forecast: With Accuracy Measures such as MAPE
Load Forecast Dashboard Displaying Actual and Forecast: With Accuracy Measures such as MAPE
Day Ahead Hourly Solar Power Generation Forecasting With Uncertainty Bands Forecasting
Day Ahead Hourly Solar Power Generation Forecasting With Uncertainty Bands Forecasting

Comprehensive AI Load & Price Forecast Services

AI forecasting service for demand and prices (zonal, Trading Hub, nodal, LMP) for world electricity system operators & markets.

Forecast as A Service

  • Intraday and 7 DA price and system demand forecasts as a web service.
  • We provide weather and ISO & electricity market operator data.
  • No implementation required. Receive forecasts instantly via API or web dashboards & downloads.
  • Forecast resolutions can be 5 to 60 min. Forecast frequency: every 15 min, 24/7, for intraday, and at 10 am for DA forecasts.
  • Option to start with a trial.

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View delayed sample demand and nodal LMP price forecasts for the main US electricity markets. Explore our forecast data visualization dashboard.
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Build, fine-tune, optimize and deploy AI forecast models for automatic execution in record time

QR AI Forecaster Features Considerably Shorten Implementation

  • No-coding AI platform allows users to drag, drop and combine various Deep & Machine Learning model components and methods to create their own custom forecast model. The data flow and parameters of each AI model are configured on the screen, without coding, in a user-friendly dashboard.
  • AutoML forecasting platform. AI models typically have 10+ hyperparameters, and identifying the best combination by trial and error is very time-consuming. QR AI Model Optimization toolbox automatically tries the equivalent of thousands of combinations of model parameters to identify the best model for each data set. The toolbox uses genetic computing to narrow down the set of hyperparameters that minimize the forecast error.
  • QR Data Hub is a no-coding robust data warehouse platform that can be quickly configured to fetch, cleans, insert and manage all data needed in forecasting.
  • Leverage our automated platform & expert team. The AI models self-calibrate, learn & adapt with each new data. Our data science team regularly fine-tunes and optimizes your AI models.

QR AI Forecaster Benefits

Two flexible delivery options:

  • Forecast as a Service (FaaS). Our AI platform and expert team do everything, and you receive, via API and in web dashboards, intraday and DA forecasts every 5–10 minutes, 24/7. No software installation, hardware and IT resources are needed, all you need is a browser.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) where we implement QR AI Forecaster on a private cloud of your choosing, or on-site, and you control the data & the AI models.

Cost-effective pricing. Whether you use QR AI Forecaster as FaaS or SaaS you pay one single annual subscription fee. The fee comprises the license, maintenance and upgrade releases. Your system is upgraded regularly to the latest release. Your AI forecast models are regularly visited and fine-tuned by our data science team.

Expert support team. Creating and maintaining forecast solutions in-house, using generic AI machines, require extensive use of data scientists. When working with QuantRisk our expert MSc data science team handles all workload and configures, fine-tunes and deploys your forecast models and maintains them in time as data behavior changes.

Load, Price & Renewable Generation Forecasts Case Studies

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