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Electricity Trading Asset Optimization Software Solutions

  • Suite of power trading & asset optimization solutions for world electricity markets.
  • Maximize profit from generation and bidding for thermal, renewable and storage asset.
  • Configurable modeling of assets, P&L cash flow mapping and constraints.
  • High performance global optimization algorithms, genetic computing and pattern search.
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Advanced high performance trading and asset optimization algorithms and solutions that substantially enhance a power company's bottom line.

Common Features

  • QR Trading Optimizer offers a range of advanced algo trading bots tailored for real-time intraday (until the end of the current day) and day ahead trading in world ISO, RTO and power exchange markets: Bidding, Dispatch, Generation, Procurement, Shutdown, Storage.
  • Optimization outputs are: optimal bids and trades, and resulting expected dispatch and spot market price, computed for intraday and day ahead trading. These are computed at the resolution of the market, 5, 15, 30 or 60 mins. Execution is repeated every 15 mins, 24/7, producing a new set of optimal trades and bids at each round. The execution schedule is automated to immediately follow load and price forecasting, as these are required inputs.
  • You can optimize the decision to participate in day-ahead reserve versus energy markets.
  • The optimization solutions operate as automated trading bots, executed 24/7, to gather data from ISOs and other sources, perform the AI forecasts needed, and finally compute optimal trading strategies around the clock, in intraday and day-ahead 5-60 minutes markets. All output data are made available via API or electronic means for real-time integration with your internal systems.
  • Analytics Governance is built in: each optimization model and its parameters are visible and auditable. Each execution of an optimization run is sand-boxed and results are saved individually.
  • Bidding optimization, be it in ISOs or power exchanges, have an embedded toolbox to estimate the offer stack for each period that is being optimized, in conjunction with our AI load and price forecasts in the market.
  • You can adjust in real-time a plant’s capacity and outages, before each execution run of the optimizer.
  • Our proprietary optimization methods use genetic computing and pattern search, linear and nonlinear constraints modeling, level-dependent ramp and spot price, proprietary heuristics methods, and bid price selection methods dynamically adjusting the price of the bids across the gene pool to act as a price maker, a price taker or be neutral, across different periods of the day as price forecasts evolve, many parameters control the convergence and accuracy of the model to better manage resources.
  • You can use a range of existing out-of-the-box models, or order your custom model: specify the trading objectives and parameters, and the constraints specific to your operations, and our team of PhD and MSc will configure a model for you. You focus on your trading strategies, our team will deliver the models.
  • This is a no coding optimization platform. A web dashboard allows you to configure via drag and drop the assets, the cash flow, all data, and constraints.
  • Depending on the optimization model, you can configure the optimization objective to minimize energy procurement cost, or maximize profit by bidding, generating and selling in a spot market, ISO, RTO or exchange.
  • All possible (linear and nonlinear) physical, operational and contractual constraints, as well as contractual and legal obligations, can be configured in the model. E.g., special models are available for combined-cycle gas, mill-pulverized coal, storage, or hydro plants.
  • QR AI Forecaster is seamlessly integrated to provide the (load, price, and offer stack) forecasts needed as inputs to optimization models.
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