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Electricity and Energy Trading Solutions

  • Electricity and multi-energy financial, physical and retail trading & risk management.
  • Configurable front office: trading, pricing, hedging, lifecycle, workflow.
  • Automated back office: data management, settlement, billing.
  • Full risk analytics: stochastic risk, Monte Carlo, market risk, VaR & exposure.
  • Energy assets, supply chain and logistics risk & optimization.
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Robust and flexible electricity (wholesale & retail), gas & energy trading, risk management, and automated back office settlement & billing solutions

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Trade Capture

Trade Capture

Physical, financial, wholesale, ISO and retail trade capture. Life cycle & workflow. Deal pricing. Custom Trading. Scheduling.

Back Office

Back Office

Automated data management & settlement. Billing. Invoicing. Physical, financial, OTC, ISOs, exchanges & retail books.

Risk Management

Risk Management

MTM. Positions. Monte Carlo stochastic risk: market, VaR, credit, regulatory. Hedge accounting. Portfolio planning & simulation.

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ETRM Advanced Ecosystem

  • Microservice architecture enables accelerated custom configuration of trading optimization solutions for any asset.
  • API-friendly ecosystem allows flexible integration and data exchange with third party & in-house systems. Functionalities are constantly enhanced and extended to meet clients requirements.
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QR ETRM Features

Energy Trading Risk Management System dashboard
  • QR ETRM is a next generation power, gas and energy ETRM solution integrating all aspects of trading, transaction and risk management, together with supply chain, assets and logistics. Financial, physical, multi-energy and retail power and gas trading and scheduling are available.
  • QR ETRM provides easy configuration for data management, and trading in wholesale bilateral and ISO energy markets. QR ETRM is a fully integrated enterprise platform with multiple modules to choose from.
  • Flexible delivery options. Services for back office settlement and billing, or middle office risk valuations, where our platform does everything, and you receive the outputs, once or more times a day, 24/7 via API. Software as a Service  implemented on a private cloud or on-site, where you control data and processing. The cloud solution requires no software installation, hardware and IT resources, all you need is just a browser.
Electricity Risk Management Solution
  • No-coding universal energy and electricity ETRM software that can be configured for a robust middle office risk management, or comprehensive back office settlement and billing solutions.
  • Leverage our automated ETRM system and expert teams. Our settlement specialists configure and maintain your transactions, data and settlement rules. Our risk analytics experts configure and maintain your risk models.
  • Cost effective pricing. You pay one single annual subscription license fee for QR ETRM, whether used as a service or implemented on the cloud or on-site.
  • Start with a Proof of Concept (POC) trial to implement key features suitable to your operations.


  • QR ETRM is a universal multiple energy and currency trading ETRM solution whose state-of-the-art architecture allows rapid configuration for any energy market, operation and portfolio. It can be implemented on-site, on a private cloud, or as a service. 

  • Cost effective pricing. You pay one single annual subscription license fee for QR ETRM, whether implemented on the cloud or on-site. The fee comprises the license, maintenance and upgrade releases. Your system is upgraded regularly, and you always have access to the latest release.

  • The solution’s salient feature is to be ready-for-use on day one. You can leverage numerous existing templates and reports. These offer utmost configuration flexibility to adapt the solution to any market and operation without resorting to custom development or coding. 

  • Enterprise solution offering seamless integration of trading with data, analytics, risk, logistics and asset optimization. Business intelligence and 360o visibility (real-time & pre-post-trade) into positions, P&L, performance, compliance and risk metrics, displayed in various dashboards.

  • Front and back office automation and streamlining of processing. Comprehensive back office settlement and billing tools, with on-screen configuration capabilities to handle most complex physical, ISOs, wholesales and retail books.
  • QR Risk  is seamlessly integrated to deliver real-time pre-post-trade Monte Carlo risk valuation: market risk (VaR & expected loss), credit and exposure, CFaR. Automated no-coding analytics in intuitive dashboards: forward curves and stochastic modeling and parameter estimation.
  •  QR Data Manager provides seamless end-to-end data management (fetching, validation, insertion) for world energy markets, ISOs & RTOs, and transaction MQ, volumes and prices. Supported methods: web-scraping, web services, API, FTP, manual upload, csv, Excel, XML, Json.


QuantRisk Solution Technology

All data is managed (fetched, inserted, validated, stored) by our modern datahub using Apache NIFI and Timescale DB. 

All data is distributed via a flexible Spring Boot API microservice. This allows real-time data integration with reporting and your internal systems, e.g., trading optimization.

High-performance computing and microservice architectures achieve unparalleled scalable performance.

Technologies used in QR ETRM Platform: Java, Spring Boot, NGINX, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Angular, Highcharts.

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