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Electricity AI Price Forecasting Software, Solution & Services​

  • Electricity market, ISO & RTO energy and reserves price forecasting: Nodal, Locational Marginal Price (LMP), Zonal, Trading Hub.
  • Intraday, day-ahead and long-term 5-60 mins price forecast temporal resolution.
  • Forecast frequency every 10 mins, 24/7 for intraday, and a few times a days for DAM.
  • Upper and lower bands price forecast uncertainty.
QR AI Forecaster offers robust advanced AI forecasting solutions that are tailored for intraday, 7 days ahead, and long term energy & reserves nodal, LMP and trading hub price forecasting for world ISOs and electricity markets and exchanges


Clients’ profile. Generation companies, utilities, electric co-ops and munis, retail marketers, and transmission entities operating in real-time intraday and day-ahead (5-60 minutes resolution) markets.

Target. Accurate day ahead and intraday, 5-60 minutes resolution, nodal, trading hub and LMP energy and reserve price forecasts to support trading decisions.

Implement real-time 24/7 automated, stand-alone and accurate price forecast solutions, as a web cloud solution that can be easily integrated with in-house trading systems, ISOs, weather data services, and internal data sources.

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Day Ahead Price AI Forecast Dashboard Displaying Accuracy Measures Such As MAPE
AI Price Forecast Dashboard Displaying Accuracy Measures Such As MAPE
Drag & Drop Price Forecasting AI Feature Modeling Dashboard
Drag & Drop Price Forecasting AI Feature Modeling Dashboard
QR AI Price Forecaster
  • QR AI Price Forecaster is fully automated and fetches price, demand and supply side data from world electricity market operators, ISOs and RTOs, as well as weather data. Forecast results are published via API or in web dashboards with data visualization and manual download options.
  • You can always start with a free POC Trial.
  • QR AI Price Forecaster offers a range of energy and reserve price forecasts for world electricity market, ISOs & RTOs: nodal, Locational Marginal Price (LMP), zonal or trading hub prices. These use advanced custom-configured Deep Learning and Machine Learning AI forecast models.
  • The solution forecasts real-time intraday and day-ahead spot market, and day-ahead market (DAM) prices.
  • Forecast temporal resolution is 5-60 minutes, depending on your data and requirements. QR AI Price Forecaster can scale data while forecasting from lower to higher resolution, e.g., from actual 5-min price data, it can forecast 5-min, 15-min, 30-min or 60-min resolution forecasts.
  • Forecasts computation frequency is 5-10 minutes, 24/7 for real-time intraday forecasts, and 9-12 am for day-ahead forecasts.
  • These price forecast solutions can be licensed as a cloud service, where no hardware or software installations are needed, and you just need a browser. They can also be installed on your private cloud or on-site.

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How to Proceed

Whether we install  QR Price Forecaster on your private cloud or on-site, or you use it as a service, the road map to follow is the same. You can always start with a POC Trial. Our team is here to assist and work with you every step of the way.

Presales 1-3 Days
  • Demos and Q&A.
  • SOW: Identification of market nodes, and forecasts of interests (real-time and DA) for POC Trial, and later for full service.
  • Execution of POC Trial Agreement.
POC Trial Setup & Onboarding 2 Days
  • Account set-up, access control management.
  • Walkthrough and demo for client’s users to use
  • the forecast web-portal for POC Trial.
POC Trial 2-3 Week
  • Client can access the demo portal 24/7 to see and download the selected price forecasts.
  • Support and ongoing Q&A during Trial.
Post POC Trial & Licensing 2 Days
  • Client has the option to execute the Subscription Agreement and start using the solution commercially.
  • Connectivity to export data via API and manual export.
Drag & Drop AI Deep Learning Modeling For Day Ahead Price Forecasting
Drag & Drop AI Deep Learning Modeling For Day Ahead Price Forecasting
Intraday Electricity Price Forecasting Upper & Lower Risk Bands
Drag & Drop AI Deep Learning Modeling For Day Ahead Price Forecasting

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