QuantRisk develops cutting-edge AI and optimization solutions for all segments of power markets.

Our technology delivers significant gains for our clients by combining accurate load and price forecasts with optimal decision making in trading, bidding, sourcing or generation.

About QuantRisk

QuantRisk is a global leading provider of integrated cutting-edge high-performance Artificial Intelligence Trading, Analytics, Risk Management and Optimization software systems and solutions for energy and electricity markets. Headquartered in Miami (USA), with branch offices in Canada, Philippines and Turkey that provide support, sales and development across the USA, North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe. With over 20-years of enterprise ETRM, Optimization and AI software experience and a strong team of PhDs, AI Machine Learning engineers, software engineers, data engineers, data analysts, and energy trading consultants, we help our clients to achieve unsurpassed quality at all stages in energy trading, risk management and optimization strategies. We help organizations across the globe gain sustainable competitive advantage through the adoption of innovative technologies.

Research and Development

The R & D department within QuantRisk research, tests, and develops our proprietary AI and optimization technologies. This department learns how projects can be developed faster, better, more effectively and efficiently. Our studies are mostly focused on Artificial Intelligence, big data solutions, data science, cloud computing, enterprise SaaS systems development within energy and electricity markets.

About QuantRisk
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The QuantRisk team worked with us through our trader in everyday trading. They gave attention to our requests and suggestions. Responding to our concerns politely and diligently based on the terms of our contract / agreement with our power suppliers. They were available on calls and responded to us through e-mails, without having to meet personally. Based on the historical data and other information they gathered from us, QR Optimizer produced 30% savings for our consumers energy charge.
The President of an Electric Cooperative Association

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