Aboitiz Power Distribution Utilities Go Live in November 2021 With QuantRisk

Miami, Manila

November 2021

QuantRisk is a leading provider of advanced AI load and price forecast, and electricity trading optimization software and cloud solutions designed to enhance the value chain across all segments of power markets, trading, utilities, generators, storage, and renewable assets.

With 9 distribution companies, including the second and third largest utilities in the nation, 1,000,000 + consumers, and a coverage area of 4500 Km2, Aboitiz Power is among the largest distribution network owners of the country.

Utilities and retailers have diverse energy sourcing portfolios composed of callable physical bilateral or financial derivatives, together with the possibility of buying (respectively selling) the shortfall (respectively excess) capacity in the spot market. They trade intraday and day-ahead, by revising the scheduling or nomination of their contracts. We offer 2 complementary solutions for energy companies to lower their energy cost for the benefit of their consumers while building and maintaining a quality and more effective brand.

  1. QR AI Forecaster is a no-coding auto-ML AI platform that provides accurate load and price forecasts as input to trading optimization. This platform offers many tools that can be configured by dragging and dropping various deep learning and machine learning AI model components in user-friendly web-dashboards, to instantly create and fine-tune the best AI model for each specific load or price forecast. This includes data processing, predictor modeling and AI model creation.
  2. QR Trading Optimizer is a no-coding optimization platform allowing utilities and retailers to combine in a user-friendly web-dashboard, the elements needed to configure the relevant trading optimization model for their sourcing portfolio, with the objective to minimize total energy sourcing cost by adjusting, for every trading period, the quantity of dispatch nomination of every callable contract and buy-sell in the spot market, subject to contractual and required load constraints. 

In Q2 of 2021 the Philippines electricity market underwent a complete restructuring while going from hourly to 5 minutes resolution. As a committed technology partner since 2013, QuantRisk managed the transition of the trading system and activities, as well as data and AI analytics for Aboitiz Power Distribution Utilities.

Mr. Anton Perdices COO, AboitizPower Utility Distributions

“To better serve our clients with reliable energy at the lowest cost, Aboitiz Power 9 Distribution Utilities employ QuantRisk advanced AI forecasting to predict consumption load across consumers class for each utility, and nodal LMP prices, in real-time and DA. These are then used as input to QuantRisk trading optimization to determine the nomination schedule to our bilateral contracts that result in the lowest energy cost for our clients. We have had the 60-minute optimization model since 2013. However, trading in a 5-minute market is quite more challenging and requires configuring more complex trading optimization models for each of our utilities.

All throughout, QuantRisk MSc and PhD optimization and data science teams worked with our teams to understand the subtleties of our market, data, as well as the constraints and valuation of each bilateral contract in our sourcing portfolios in the context of the 5-minute market. They used these to configure intraday and DA 5-minute AI forecasts and portfolio sourcing optimization models. The support and diligent work of QuantRisk expert team during and after implementation have been a key factor in the success of transitioning the trading optimization model from 60 to 5-minute resolution. Post implementation, they provide on-going support to ensure the solutions always operate at optimal capacity.”


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